Ozone Coffee, Shoreditch

One of the things my job entails (alongside a capability to multitask I never knew I had) is knowing where to find the best of the best, of almost anything, in London. Now I’m still learning, but I do have an array of more experienced colleagues with an impressive bank of knowledge. When the team says that Ozone Coffee is one of the best coffee places in the city – they are probably right.

After an attempted visit to Bad Egg (who aren’t open on weekends – what?!) last Saturday, M and I found ourselves wandering around the Old Street general area. In a flash of inspiration, I remembered that Ozone is just off the roundabout. Taking a gamble that they probably did food and weren’t overly busy, we headed down Leonard St.

We ducked inside to find an oh-so-Shoreditch huge, industrial space and a short queue. By their own admission, Ozone specialise in coffee, brunch & bloody Marys and I knew immediately I was at home. Just a few seconds later, we were led by a smiley Australian waitress to our seats, which, I was delighted to find, were at a counter looking right into the kitchen.

After a good few minutes gawping at the kitchen and eavesdropping on the waitstaff’s conversations, we couldn’t not order a coffee. I’m no expert, but even I could tell that this was not your average Starbucks latte.

Being able to see all the other dishes in progress and coming out is so useful when faced with such a delicious looking menu, and we had fun matching what was being cooked to the descriptions. In the end, I went for the cassoulet baked eggs with duck confit (not sure I’ve ever resisted duck), while Matthew opted for the Eggs Benedict, which came with an intriguing bubble & squeak “cake”, and pork belly on top.

Soon enough, our food arrived and I dug in to my cassoulet. As well as duck, it included pork belly and Toulouse sausage, and was served with a healthy portion of bread. The dish was delicious, with a gremolata crust on top and plenty of meaty chunks inside. My only slight criticism would have been that my eggs were a tad overdone for my liking. It didn’t stop me eating almost every last bit though!

As for Matthew’s, his looked equally good. I have a deep-seated fear of Hollandaise so I didn’t try, but he seemed happy and we both polished off our plates and even somehow resisted the delicious looking cakes & Crosstown doughnuts in the front counter on our way out.

Overall Ozone proved itself to be such a find and it is more than decently priced, with service as relaxed as the atmosphere. They have a separate cafe menu on weekdays and serve brunch all day on weekends, which makes it the perfect spot to languish over a latte or three and a plate of eggy goodness with your best pals.


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