A Transatlantic Visitor

A few weekends ago, I was part of a fairly complicated plan to smuggle an American into the country. That’s right – our fave Virginian-turned-New Yorker Lydia was coming to London, and it was all super top secret because the reason for her visit was one Miss Emily’s birthday.

It all went so well until the eleventh hour, when one near-miss turned into another and jetlagged Lydia found herself waking up to the sound of Emily’s key in the door, prompting a sprint to a closet and a good twenty minutes or so of me and Sophie hysterically trying to come up with a new plan from the safety of our offices.

Nevertheless, the surprise was pulled off (just not in the way we planned) and so followed an epic weekend of brunch, burgers, 90s R&B, farm visits, and wholesome walks over Hampstead Heath. And also rather a lot of gin.

We finished the weekend by my very first visit to Five Guys (the drinks machine is by far my favourite part), followed immediately by a trip to High Tea in Highgate for a spot of cream tea where we all got entirely altogether too hysterical and laughed until we cried. As ever, I was struck by how studying abroad quite honestly changes your life forever and I’m so happy that our little transatlantic gang is as strong as ever.

Till next time, Lydia!


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