Bits & Pieces

Despite my best efforts and even a fair amount of motivation, I’ve not found much time to blog recently. I haven’t even been doing an awful lot, but work has been ridiculously busy & stressful and is only going to get more so and all my weekends have some event or other. Nevertheless, here’s a quick snapshot of things that have been going on recently.

  •  I spent a post-Valentine’s Sunday morning cleaning the flat and listening to Radio 2, and I unashamedly liked it.
  • Matthew and I have been hunting for our next citybreak. I’m tending towards Copenhagen or Seville…any tips/thoughts, anyone?
  • We went for a low-key but still perfect Valentine’s Day, with delicious cake at Peyton & Byrne and then our first visit to Greenwich Picturehouse to see The Imitation Game, which I absolutely loved. M and I agreed that “heartwrenching” is the only word to describe it, and really, Keira Knightley is a wonder isn’t she?
  • I went to Tayyabs for the first time with work to celebrate various birthdays/leaving/company anniversaries. The boss ordered so I’m still not sure exactly what I ate but it was all delicious!
  • In the spirit of doing more couple things, M & I had Kate and Will over for a lovely civilized dinner party where we talked about grown up things like work and then watched Marky Mark videos on youtube because we’re not really old yet.
  • That same weekend, I also made my first ever visit to Infernos to celebrate Mae’s birthday and it was everything I ever hoped for.
  • We’ve started watching House of Cards (after everyone I know told me I should) and I’m loving the way it’s written and the snappy dialogue, even if I’m finding it a little difficult to keep up!
  • I went for a meeting at L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon (right next door to The Ivy) and fell absolutely in love with the place. I’ve resolved to return as soon as possible for lunch and/or drinks; their 3rd floor bar is gorgeous with a sweet outdoor area I’m excited to try out.

In amongst all of this, I have also been doing a few things a bit more blogworthy and have some fun posts (& events) lined up in the next couple of weeks – but first, what have you lot been up to?


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