Hanoi House, Greenwich

Vietnamese is a cuisine that I have always imagined I would probably like, but never really tried (I don’t think dining hall banh mi way back in Virginia counts). Matthew and I noticed Hanoi House, an inconspicuous new pop-up arrival on the streets of Greenwich, quite a while ago, but it took until this weekend for us to finally get down there and check it out.

Situated just across from Greenwich Market, Hanoi House is small and kitted out pretty simply, but with just enough knicknacks to keep things interesting while you wait for your food. There are about 5 tables, and when we arrived on a sunny Sunday afternoon, they were all taken up – but luckily, everything is available to go. The menu itself is pretty simple, with three sections: banh mi, pho, and summer rolls, with about 4 varieties of each.

Hanoi House also has an impressive array of interesting looking drinks on its menu. Unfortunately they were out of coffee on the day we were there so we couldn’t sample Vietnamese iced coffee or indeed anything similar, but I ordered a peach iced tea which was delicious.

I didn’t really fancy slurping pho in the streets of Greenwich, so we both went for banh mi; lemongrass chicken for me, and the “Hanoi House Special” (pork, vietnamese sausage and pate) for him.

Before long we were handed two satisfyingly warm baguettes and headed out into the welcome sunshine. On a sunny day, Hanoi House is perfectly suited for an alfresco lunch in the shadows of my new favourite London landmark, the Cutty Sark.

The sandwiches were huge and the meat substantial, with just enough hot sauce for a healthy kick at the end. Safe to say I was a very happy bunny – and, at just under £7 for a sandwich as big as my face and a drink, so was my (beautiful new Valentine’s present) purse.

If you’re in the area for a spot of sightseeing (or if you live there!) I’d highly recommend Hanoi House: it’s a step away from the hustle and bustle of the market, and way more original than the chains that line the rest of the general Cutty Sark area. According to their twitter, they’re here for as long as Greenwich will have them – which, if I have anything to do with it, will be a very long time!


6 thoughts on “Hanoi House, Greenwich

  1. sounds delicious, I cant believe I used to live right round the corner and didnt realise! how beautiful is the sky above the cutty sark? makes me want to take a trip :)

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