In Brief: February

To be perfectly honest, one of the reasons I wanted to move to London so badly was so that I could visit all the restaurants and bars I have read so much about. I’ve been pretty good about getting out and about where I can (the fact that both Matthew and all my friends share my taste for food helps) but I don’t always take my camera and rarely blog about everywhere I go.

A lot of these places deserve mentions though, so I’m trialling a monthly(ish) round up of the restaurants & bars I’ve visited lately. Here’s where I managed to get to in February:

Bo Drake, SohoFood was delicious, wine fairly cheap, company great. I may do a full post on this if I can persuade Kate to let me borrow her pictures of the evening, but if you are going, TRY THE RIBS. Steak was also delicious. Our only issue was that they had run out of both of the above by 8.30 (we had the last orders of each) and then the waiter dropped one of our ribs on the floor. Rating: 4/5.

London Cocktail Club, Shoreditch: M & I visited for cocktails on a Friday night. Good cocktails, extensive menu, good atmosphere. Service was friendly enough but not particularly genuine. Rating: 3/5.

Red Dog Saloon, Hoxton Square: I visited to satisfy a pulled pork craving after a frankly awful blogging event (more to come on that soon). Food was fine, beer was fine, service less so – I had a much better experience when I visited in the summer! Rating: 2/5.

The Cocktail Trading Co, SohoRemains one of my favourite spots in London. Having had such a good time the first time around, I had to take Kate & Sophie and although it wasn’t quite as good, the service was still super friendly and the atmosphere extra buzzy. Rating: 5/5.

Greenwich Farmers Market: A surprise discovery on a Friday off, this is a brand new farmer’s market and there were samples galore. I bought some absurdly delicious coconut fudge and there’s a great array of stalls so I’d highly recommend. Rating: 5/5!

Rivington Grill, Greenwich: Fast becoming a regular haunt of mine, this reminds me of the parent-friendly favourites of Exeter. We visited for lunch this time and it was dependable as ever, with efficient, friendly service and a nice relaxed atmosphere. Rating: 4/5.

Peyton & Byrne, Greenwich: A much wider selection of cakes than we had anticipated, including the cutest mini carrot cakes and delicious looking fig rolls. Matthew and I shared a sinfully rich chocolate caramel cake and a fantastic coffee & walnut cake (and I don’t usually love coffee & walnut). Always busy; a solid choice for coffee & cake by the Cutty Sark. Rating: 4/5.

Okay, I actually didn’t realise how often I’m eating out at the moment, for which I can only apologise to Mr Natwest. And believe me I have a list as long as my arm of places I still have yet to visit!

Have you been to any of the above? Anywhere I should aim to check out in March? Let me know!


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