Couch to 5k: Week 2

Guys, thanks so much for all the helpful comments and encouragement on my last Couch to 5k post! You’ll all be happy to hear that this week I’ve successfully kept up with week 2, and I haven’t died yet.

The structure of the runs in week is 90 seconds of running, followed by 2 minutes of walking. To be honest I would have been quite worried if I struggled with 90 secs of running so I was pleased to discover that I found it relatively easy, although Thursday night’s third run was admittedly difficult at first because it was SO damn cold.

I’ve found that although I quite enjoy getting up and going for a run in the mornings, I tend to find it easier at night and so this week all my runs have been in darkness. I think I mostly like it like that so nobody can see my unattractive face, and I also like the way that on the weekday evenings, the streets of Greenwich are filled with runners (as opposed to the weekend mornings, when they are filled with children and tourists).

The routine that I’m trying to create is to start each week on a Saturday, and then follow up with 2 weekday evening runs. Maybe it’s because I spend all day sitting at my desk, but I’ve found I’m even looking forward to going on runs, which can only be a good thing. It’s nice to have a bit of purpose to my evening!

I’ve been experimenting with routes, although mostly I’ve been heading down to the Cutty Sark and then weaving in and out of the Naval College buildings, which look even more stunning than usual all lit up. It’s easy to motivate yourself with those on one side and the glow of Canary Wharf just across the Thames to my left. Even better, this route also means going past Trinity Conservatoire. In the evenings it’s filled with students practising their instruments, which makes for a pretty epic soundtrack to a run (especially great as that’s usually the final stage).

Finally, as I mentioned in a previous post Matthew and I have also embarked on 30 Days of Yoga via Yoga with Adriene. We haven’t quite managed to do every day, but we have completed 5 sessions and I’m really enjoying it – even if we are doing it either on our living room floor (the hum of the dishwasher is very soothing) or cramped either side of the bed (comfier, but not enough space to widen my arms). Adriene lives in Austin (of course), is gorgeous and wise and really nice, so I basically want to be her.

By the time I’ve completed week 3 it’ll be almost the end of March and that’s when I’m allowed to buy myself cool gym clothes. This, together with thinking about what I’ll say in my blog, has been one of my biggest motivations, which I think is really what it’s about – motivation. I’ve got mine for now!

How do you get motivated?


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