“About” pages are so hard, aren’t they?

I started b-jolly as an undergrad student in Exeter and this blog has followed me from there to my first “proper” job in London. My stomping ground is now delightful Greenwich, where you can usually find me puppywatching in the park or brunching with my boyfriend.

I’m that girl who reads the menu of a restaurant 10 times before I actually get there and my bucket list grows way faster than I can ever tick anything off, but that’s the way I like it. I also have a healthy appetite for ponyskin anything, Kate Spade everything and scented candles by the thousand.

This little space mainly features my daily adventures in and around London (and everywhere else when I get the chance), and my ongoing quest to eat at every restaurant ever opened, but I’ve also dabbled in books and beauty and I’m open to anything.




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