International Day of Happiness

Hello everybody and happy Friday!

Today bought a spectacular anticlimax of an eclipse (a slightly duller morning than our already-dull morning), but it’s also International Day of Happiness. Here’s a list of ten things that have been making me happy recently.

  • The Info board at Canary Wharf station. It’s recently been showing a fab selection of cartoons and cute quotes that make me smile every time. Cheesy, but sometimes that’s what you need on the way home after a loo-ooonnggg old day. Thank you, whichever new TfL hire is drawing these beauties!
  • Dance Academy. It’s about students at a ballet school in Sydney and it is seriously the most underrated show on Netflix. It is seriously addictive and makes me wish I’d kept up my childhood ballet classes…and that I lived in Sydney, of course.
  • Sunshine. We’ve had our fair share of rain and cloud too of course, but it’s been so nice to feel some actual warmth in the air.
  • Meetings in Mayfair & Chelsea. My office is not in the nicest area so sunny afternoon meetings on Ebury St and in Knightsbridge have been brightening my days.
  • The delicious salads Matthew and I have been creating, mostly with various combinations of chicken, bacon and avocado.
  • New clothes! I’ve been on a couple of naughty sprees this month, mostly with my trip to Copenhagen in mind and it’s been so nice restocking my wardrobe for Spring. Bring on ripped jeans & trainer season!
  • Yoga with Adriene. I’m going to talk a little bit more about this in my upcoming C25K post, but M and I have embarked on a serious yoga phase and I’m really enjoying it.
  • Having regular dates with my BFFs Sophie & Kate, and slowly but surely working my way through my London restaurant bucket list in the process.
  • Spotify! I switched to Vodafone when I got my new phone and with my new contract came 6 months of Spotify premium. I’m hooked and I already know I’ll be paying for it when my trial runs out in June!
  • The Deaths, which I mentioned in my reading round up post. I’ve finished it now and I can honestly say no book has gotten into my head like that since Gone Girl – I was genuinely sad that it ended and it kept me gripped to the end.

I’ve spent this afternoon wandering around Borough Market, down the river and around St Katharine Docks, and this evening Matthew and I are heading for dinner at Kate and Will’s, which is actually pretty much my idea of a perfect day – fitting, really! What’s been making you guys smile recently?