In Brief: March

Sorry to be a cliche, but…is it really the end of March?! Despite my best efforts to get fit & healthy (or maybe because of them) this month has not involved any less trips out and I’ve got quite the list of places I’ve been frequenting over the past 4 weeks.

Banh Mi Bay, St PaulsI met M here for lunch on a day off and we were impressed. Their Vietnamese bread was absolutely delicious and SO CHEAP. I felt like there could have been a tad more meat in my sandwich, though. We also shared delicious prawn crackers & caramel pork summer rolls which were fab. The highlight of the meal for me, though, was the “coconut juice” which was SO good. Rating: 4/5.

Senor Ceviche, Kingly CourtIt’s hard to go wrong in Kingly Court so K, S and I thought we were probably in for a treat when we booked a table at Senor Ceviche and we were right. We tried the eponymous dish, and “The Spaniard,” which were fresh and light, with just the right amount of zingy citrus, and I thought the accompaniments and garnishes were paired really well – there was some great crunchy corn that I couldn’t get enough of. We also sampled yet more delicious ribs, and crispy pork belly, as well as a couple of slightly less interesting vegetable dishes. Service was friendly and fast, and the small plates/sharing style worked really well for us. Cocktails weren’t bad either! Rating: 5/5.

Antidote, CarnabyGranted, we only popped here for a glass of wine and in fact we didn’t even venture into the restaurant, but sitting outside under the heat lamps in a quiet corner of Carnaby, I felt like I had been transported to France. The wine list was HUGE and I’d definitely like to go back and sample a bottle or two. I don’t feel I can give it a fair rating on the strength of a quick glass of wine but I’d go so far as to recommend it!

Duck & Roll, Hawker House: Street Feast in all its various incarnations is a highlight of the London food scene and so when I heard that my pals at Club Gascon were launching a pop up at Hawker House, I knew I had to go. Hawker House itself is 3 floors of street food fun, but Duck & Roll can be found right at the top, with neon lights aplenty. Their menu is distinctive and unusual, with “popcorn mussels” and duck pastrami featuring, but I went for that week’s special, the Espanola – duck, potato frittata and chorizo sauce in a wrap – and fries with their signature “crazy duck salt.” Rumour has it that this week’s special is a bbq duck bagel which sounds positively divine so I’d definitely recommend a visit (it closes this weekend!) Rating: 4/5 – I wish I’d have been brave enough to try the more experimental stuff!

Scoopsy Daisy, Hawker HouseIn the mood for something sweet, we meandered downstairs and set our sights on Scoopsy Daisy. Once again, more neon lighting and a super cool ice cream machine, this is ice cream with a difference. You can pick up to 2 flavours from a list of 6, and they mix them all up with frozen yoghurt ice cream and swirl it into a cone. It almost looked too pretty to eat but luckily it tasted better (although be warned, it left seeds in my teeth for days). Rating: 5/5, because it did exactly what it said on the tin.

Soul Food at Borough Market: I have a bad habit of always accidentally getting the same thing at Borough Market (falafel wrap from Arabica, if you’re interested) – I think all that choice just gets to me. On my most recent trip I was determined to try something other than falafel, and although a bbq chicken wrap might not be much more interesting, Soul Food just called to me. They had several options, including bbq chicken, prawn, steak, or some sort of crazy combo, and the service was super friendly and fast (much appreciated as I watched Matthew queue for legit 15 mins for a salt beef bagel). Sometimes you can’t beat clean and simple and I’d recommend in a pinch. Rating: 3/5.

As well as the above, I also somehow managed to squeeze in a trip home where I visited the Kino Lounge for brunch and old fave The Pheasant for dinner, standard trips to Byron, TGI Fridays and Nandos, and a 21st birthday celebration split between Dandelyan and the Oxo Tower which more than deserves its own post. Is it any wonder I need to keep up running?!