Copenhagen: Day 2

It seemed a sin that we’d been in Denmark for over 24 hours and not yet had a pastry, so that was our mission Saturday morning. We were a bit too ravenous to hunt properly, so we grabbed enormous cinnamon rolls from 7-11 (2 for £2.50…you can’t beat it) and ate them in the hotel room while we got ready for the day.

It seems bizarre but one of the things we’d both been most excited about visiting was the Lego Shop. As soon as we located it amongst Copenhagen’s maze of shopping streets, we knew we’d been right; its guarded by huge Lego soldiers, contains some seriously impressive Lego works, and has some of hthe friendliest staff I’ve come across.

Matthew was in his element nerding out over all the Star Wars stuff, but I was more interested in building tiny Lego people from the endless array of heads, hats, accessories and outfits available. Possibly the most fun I’ve ever had.

After more time than I care to admit, we decided it was time for something a tad more cultural and headed off on a sunny walk towards the library.

This is where Copenhagen’s more contemporary side comes into play and the building is gorgeous (and there was a cool greenhouse-like pop up/event space outside, too). We ventured inside and sat for a while, and it was so cool and peaceful and productive-feeling it almost made me want to write an essay.

We couldn’t visit Copenhagen without paying a visit to Tivoli Gardens, one of the world’s oldest theme parks and apparently the place that inspired Walt Disney to build Disneyland, so that was our next stop.

Located right in the middle of the city, Tivoli is like a mini city in itself and is crammed with something like 41 restaurants. It’s whimsical and old fashioned in a typically, Scandi-cool way and everyone seemed in very high spirits as we made our way around admiring the scenery and old fashioned fairground games & rides.

We couldn’t stay for too long, though, because we’d made dinner reservations at one of Copenhagen’s most recommend restaurants – Madklubben. Known for their devotion to good value, great food, Madklubben have several restaurants throughout the city and we were headed for the Bistro-de-Luxe, which is a kind of French/Danish “fusion.” The idea is that their menu is small, simple, cheap but delicious, and they have hit the nail on the head if you ask me.

As the restaurant filled up around us, we kicked things off with a £5 glass of cava and some delicious bread that I can only describe as malt loaf.

Foodwise, we went for beef brisket with sides of salad and smashed potatoes. The beef was perfectly cooked and fell apart as soon as you touched it with a fork. Excuse the yellowness of these photos!

We lingered over our wine before moving onto dessert, where I had a delicious baked rhubarb with liquorice panna cotta and Matthew had this marzipan cake, which was also delicious.

If you’re visiting Copenhagen, any and all of the Madklubben restaurants are well worth a visit – Copenhagen as a city isn’t that cheap to eat out in but Madklubben strike the perfect balance and was well worth the money. I am keeping all my fingers crossed that they will come to the UK eventually!